Insanity (18) Female, 25, Pansexual.


See a recent post on Tumblr from jessielovesanime about sapnap x reader. He was teasing you.



Dream would still cuddle if you two had free time and were spending time together. Two souls, bound in a twisted, parasitic relationship. You dont want to be jealous.


. . The girl with the pink hair ran in front of the other three.

One feeds off of the other&39;s energy like a leech. .

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Maybe it&39;s death that lead him here or it&39;s life who give him a chance to redeem himself.

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, his blue spider lily. Cuddles with Togaaaaaa.

You laid on the long, black, leather couch that your slasher friends owned with a plastic doll on your stomach.
Most of the time he just listens to your stories and problems, once in a while he will share some of his own troubles with you.
You could hear it in his voice.


Toga x reader (platonic) FLUFF (trigger warning, yn that feels worthless with degrading voices in their head, self harm, cursing)(fluff at the end).

. Cuddles with Togaaaaaa. Minors, Do Not Interact.

. Kimetsu no Yaiba Various x Male Reader (with side dishes Katekyou Hitman Reborn and Bungou Stray Dogs) Also available in Wattpad. Browse. . His eyes closed, his breathing even as his fingers stroked through your hair. Without.


After gently pulling for a few moments, (YN) fidgeted in her sleep. This includes;Blood,needles,killing, eating human blood,kidnapping,cussing, sharp objects,Stalking.

"I would&39;ve never forgiven you.


Two souls, bound in a twisted, parasitic relationship.


Requested Could you do a Remus x reader thing where hes possessive because its close to the full moon and theres just lots of cuddles AN I.