Isioma One who is fortunate and blessed.

Zikora means Show the world but the long form is Zikoranaudodimma - Show the world that peace wonderful.

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Obianuju (Ujunwa) Obianuju is an Igbo name for girls.


Adamma Beautiful first daughter. 86). 1.

Its meaning is love.

Isioma One who is fortunate and blessed. Adaego Daughter of wealth. Ugonna and Ugochukwu.

In addition to being a standalone name, Ade is also a diminutive form of other names that begin with Ade. Thanks .

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A name given to girl child born in the mist of abundance of. If I really do like someone, the way I say certain things to them in Igbo will be totally different from the may I would normally say it to them or another guy, or anyone one else as a whole.

Muffin. Unique Valentine&39;s Day baby names on our recommended list include Amias, Amedea, Hart, Cordelia, Erasmus, and Kerensa.

Daughter of a king.
Beware of the Illuminati Do not marry any Igbo woman that is the first daughter of her father.

Compiling the list for guys was a bit difficult.

46 Omarmerhi Good God.

It means good God or good luck. This means my love. .

A huru m gi nanya. Adaego Daughter of wealth. Jul 5, 2022 100 Beautiful Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2022 Update. May 3, 2021 A beautiful name for a girl, meaning; mother is beautiful. know no boundaries as there are Igbo names and meanings for baby boys , Igbo names for girls , Igbo names for twins, and funky Igbo names. Ugonna and Ugochukwu.

Means "God is answering" in Igbo.

Ugonna and Ugochukwu. Nd di kwere ekwe b nd na-angide na-ah nwunye ha nanya, ma .


Oct 18, 2022 Parents holding their child.

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64) Agwonatumbe "The snake that strikes the tortoise" (i.